By Irene Aldridge This article first appeared in the Big Data Finance magazine Social media has fascinated Finance for about a decade. Extracting sentiment from online posts have proven to be both innovative for gauging investor sentiment and profitable for estimating direction of the impending price move and volatility. Companies like AbleMarkets, a Big Data platform and a supplier of Internet sentiment index for most U.S.-based stocks, and Suite LLC, an industrial-grade derivatives pricing and risk management software agree: Internet sentiment is highly predictive of impending volatility. In addition to social media sentiment, a new kind of social media is entering Finance as we know it:Read More →

By Irene Aldridge This article was first published on Medium Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are three du-jour buzzwords of today’s business. If your business does not do one of the three, you risk being considered tardy, inefficient, or, gasp, uncool, particularly with the dreaded taste-making millennial set. Worst of all, you may miss the next chance of becoming a unicorn — a billion-dollar entity like Google and Facebook that deployed Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to turn reams of data points into solid gold. Various Big Data, Machine Learning and AI methodologies, trends and ideas, will be discussed in detail atRead More →